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My name is Sayed Ali Hossaini. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan- and currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2022 where I received two Master's degree in Geography and Geographic Information Science. I am an expert in creating, analyzing, mapping and managing data using spatial data analytics packages in Python, SQL, and ArcGIS. My main interests are GIScience and Geovisualization applications in polar science, renewable energy, agriculture analytics, natural hazards, and the environment. In my personal time, I enjoy biking, visiting museums, and gardening. In fact, I took the photo of the Cheetah pictured above while visiting the American Museum of Natural History in New York!

GIS Analyst/Developer

I am looking for a career that is titled GIS Developer and fits to my current skillset and my research background. I like to apply analytics and modeling aspects of GIS to solve real-world problems. Thus, I honed my skills on imagery processing, geospatial data analyses, modeling and visualizing, cartography techniques, remote sensing, and geospatial artificial intelligence.
I am passionate about applications of GIS in solar industry, precision agriculture, hazards, and polar research. Additionally, I prefer a friendly workspace that aids me towards advancing my professional goals and developing my network in GIS industry.

My CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes

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I prioritize, then act. I can take a direction, follow through and make the corrections necessary to stay on track.


I enjoy routine and structure. My world is best described by the order I create.


I am keenly aware of the need to treat people the same. I crave stable routines and clear rules and procedures that everyone can follow.


I look for consensus. I don’t enjoy conflict; rather, I seek areas of agreement.


I enjoy close relationships with others. I find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


I have ...

Geospatial Projects; I dedicated my skills in spatial teamwork projects with a problem-solving approach.

Volunteer Experiences; I contributed in professional development opportunities and community services.

GIScience Students; As a lab instructor, I taught students to think spatially and develop GIS/mapping skills.

Non-expert Students; As a teaching assistant, I supported them for inclusive learning and using GIS technologies to create and communicate effectively with maps.

Technical Skills

ArcGIS Pro, Online, Desktop95%
Quantum GIS, Carto 85%
eCognition, Illustrator, Pix4D Mapper, AutoCAD Map 75%
Python, Jupyter Notebook 90%
MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS 85%
HTML, JavaScript 55%


... Ali was an excellent student in our GIS 8501 class earning a final grade of A. He participated actively in class discussions making insightful and valuable contributions to our discussion on a variety of topics including GIS history, ethics, project management approaches and much more. Ali and his assignment partner did one of the best presentations of a GIS ethics case that we have seen in the long history of this . Ali is a highly motivated, organized, bright and hardworking individual who is capable of independent and teamwork. ...

Dr. Susanna McMaster

Co-Director of MGIS program at the University of Minnesota

... Ali Hossaini did a terrific job at Guidewire over the summer of 2022, he was well prepared and eager to work. Ali did a great job of collecting international datasets and digitizing areas we prioritized for manual data collection. He was punctual and efficient in both meetings and his geospatial work. Ali had innovative ideas and was eager to learn new GIS skills. ...

Josef Litchfield

Chief Data Officer at Guidewire Software Inc.

... I have known Mr. Hossaini for about four years and for the past three years I have served as his academic advisor. His current projects are focused on mapping and spatial analytics of farm fields around the world. Since I met Ali, he has focused his attention on mastering technical skills and building his spatial and computational thinking to prepare himself for a successful career in industry. ... Mr. Hossaini has demonstrated his flexibility and tenacity, which I consider essential skills in designing and developing next-generation geospatial analytics and mapping technologies ...

Dr. Eric Shook

Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

... Ali is also very respectful and polite and was well-liked by his classmates. He got along with everyone in our class and truly enjoyed the experience of engaging with students from different backgrounds and having the opportunity to learn from one another. He is clearly capable of working effectively in team situations and making a valuable contribution to the group effortcourse. He was very excited about the opportunity to network and meet our guest speakers who represented GIS professionals from various sectors so he could gain a better understanding of different career paths in the field. ...

Dr. Susanna McMaster

Co-Director of MGIS program at the University of Minnesota

Ali is an excellent team member who brings both innovative and supportive ideas to the tasks at hand. Ali and I co-taught and developed an introductory GIS course, at the university level, which demonstrates Ali's technical and interpersonal skills that tremendously supported students' development throughout the course.

Chelsea (L.) Lissette Cervantes de Blois

Climate Change Analyst for U.S. Department of State

Ali is easy going. He generates good ideas, knows how to find solutions, and helps to keep projects meeting deadlines. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Amber Benbow

Business Analyst at Lions Gift of Sight

Ali has proven to be a solid, reliable and knowledgeable project partner. As a student in his classroom, I have benefited from his ability to lead with kindness, and his open and direct approach to problem solving.

Jake Ford

MGIS Student at U of M


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Ali Hossaini

I am a GIS developrt at Polar Geospatial Cneter. My role is building and maintaining imagery management and processing workflows, coordinating data production in response to customer requirements, and leveraging High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to achieve production goals.

  • LOCATION: R280 Learning & Environmental Sciences 1954 Buford Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55108
  • CONTACT: 612-626-0505


Master of Geographic Information Science

2021 - 2022

University of Minnesota

Master of Arts in Geography

2019 - 2022

University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering

2013 - 2017

University of Isfahan

Volunteer Experience

Social Activist, Event Organizer


Afghan Cultural Society

Volunteer service, Map Native Plant Communities


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Student Assistant, MN GIS/LIS 2021 conference


Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Volunteer Interpreter/Translator, Farsi/Dari Language; assisted staff and volunteer attorneys


The Advocates for Human Rights

Student Volunteer, MN GIS/LIS Mentor Program


Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium


Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) scholarship


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Tehran, Iran

Conference Participataion

Esri User Conference, Virtual and in-person conferences

2020 & 2021 & 2022

Virtual conference, ESRI

Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC)


Spatial Data Science Conference (SDSC)


Professional Membership

American Association of Geographers (AAG) Membership

2020- Present

Geographic Information Science Student Organization

2019 - Present


Persian, Dari, Farsi


Professional Experience

Geospatial Developer at Polar Geospatial Center (PGC), 2023 (Oct. - Now)

Manage the imagery archive, oversee the creation of imagery mosaics, and help run production for the DEM products.
Collaborate closely with the User Services team to align development work with user needs and larger PGC goals for making an impact on polar science.
Leverage High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to achieve production goals.

GIS Specialist at Apadana Technology, 2023 (Apr. - Sep.)

Led team in acquiring, integrating solar energy geospatial and remote sensing datasets for renewable energy initiatives.
Performed site assessment and layout planning by utilizing PVcase in solar panel installation design and engineering through spatial modelling solutions.
Developed custom Python scripts utilizing libraries like PVlib, NumPy, and GeoPandas to streamline and automate the analysis process.

Seasonal GIS Designer at Agora Solar Supply, 2023 (Jan. - Mar.)

Spearheaded the digital marketing efforts for solar equipment web design, online sale analytics, e-commerce database management, customer support, and advertising campaigns.

Internship at Guidewire Software Inc., 2022 (Summer)

Performed data munging and cleaning to convert public utility data such as fire station into standardized database through multi-source data collection and QA/QC for data quality check.
Worked with internal and external entities to provide detailed, accurate database in PostgreSQL and geospatial analysis and deliverables in QGIS.

Teaching Assistant

GEOG 3561/5561, Principles of Geographic Information Science

2020 & 2022(Fall)

University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

GEOG 3541/5541, Principles of Geocomputing

2022 (Spring)

University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

GEOG 3511/5511, Principles of Cartography

2021 (Fall)

University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

GEOG 1502, Mapping Our World

2019 (Fall), 2020 & 2021 & 2022 (Spring), 2022 (Summer)

University of Minnesota Twin-Cities


ESCI 3562 – Introduction to Principles of Geographic Information Systems in Environmental Science

2021 (Spring)

University of Minnesota Duluth

  • Assisted in GIS research methods in machine learning and vector and raster ETL data curation for efficient automatic cropland classification using NAIP, Landsat, and Sentinel-2 imagery
  • Developed Python programing workflows utilizing spatial packages such as Fiona, Rasterio, Scikit-learn, and Scikit-image to read and process raster imagery tiles in the form of array
  • Worked with SQL in spatial databases, Database development in ArcGIS and QGIS, UAV data collection and analysis in ESRI drone2map and Pix4D Mapper
  • Responsible for providing technical support with GIS labs using Jupyter Notebook, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Online
  • Supported student questions and understanding of fundamental programming and cartographic concepts and Lab exercise development with ArcGIS and Jupyter Notebook

Research Assistant

Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services

2020 (Summer)

University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

  • Responsible for redesigning the GEOG 3561/5561, Principles of Geographic Information Science course to online mode.
  • Supporting GIS Research Methods courses moving fully online for fall 2020.
  • Preparing "Principles of GIS" course syllabus and lessons for remote delivery.
  • Assisted senior researchers when updating the curriculum.

Athletic Honors

First place in soccer cup


Saghir Esfahani High School, Isfahan, Iran

Taekwondo black belt Pum 1


Samen Athletic Club, Isfahan, Iran

internal club

Bronze medal of internal club Taekwondo competition


Samen Athletic Club, Isfahan, Iran



U-Spatial, 420 Blegen Hall, University of Minnesota